EC6 Writing Goals & Objectives

EC6 Writing 2014 Course Description

The goals and objectives defined below represent the minimum standard that each student must achieve to pass the course (i.e., to earn a grade >59).

Students performing at the basic level would be operating at a 60% level, while more able students can and should demonstrate abilities at a higher standard and level of achievement.

Goals and Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following.

Goal 1:: To analyse a current social, environmental, political or economic problem and propose possible solutions for an essay of this genre
Objective 1.1: To formulate a clear, focused thesis
Objective 1.2: To describe a problem, both generally and in depth
Objective 1.3: To distinguish between a problem’s causes and its negative consequences
Objective 1.4: To develop and analyse clear, specific solutions to the problem


Goal 2: To demonstrate the ability to use a process approach to writing
Objective 2.1: To use pre-writing strategies
Objective 2.2: To synthesize peer, self and teacher feedback as a means of improving an essay
Objective 2.4: To give constructive feedback to peers as a means of improvement


Goal 3: To research and evaluate published sources for use in academic writing
Objective 3.1: To analyse a text’s suitability for a writing task
Objective 3.2: To demonstrate an ability to identify source information necessary for the essay genre
Objective 3.3: To write effective notes concerning key points


Goal 4: To support opinions effectively with secondary research
Objective 4.1: To distinguish between fact and opinion when preparing for writing
Objective 4.2: To blend expert opinions, statistics and research with writer’s comments on a topic
Objective 4.3: To use APA style citations to attribute source articles
Objective 4.4: To write an accurate APA style References page of sources


Goal 5: To demonstrate ability and knowledge of paraphrasing and summarizing
Objective 5.1: To demonstrate the ability to paraphrase key points from source articles
Objective 5.2: To recognise and avoid plagiarised writing


Goal 6: To become a more independent, reflective and aware writer
Objective 6.1: To recognise and use effective writing strategies introduced and used in previous EC writing courses
Objective 6.2: To demonstrate knowledge of paragraph structure and cohesion
Objective 6.3: To demonstrate knowledge of essay components
Objective 6.4: To effectively edit and proof-read written work