EC6 Seminar Goals & Objectives

The primary aims of this course are to: develop learners’ speaking and discussion skills, develop internet research and critical evaluation skills, increase vocabulary knowledge, improve reading and listening comprehension, develop learner autonomy, & build confidence to use English for oral communicative purposes.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following:

Goal 1: Participate in a small group discussion for an extended time (30 minutes)

Objective 1.1:Develop and improve discussion skills.
- Evaluate ideas and opinions
- Speculate
- Respond and summarize information from sources
- Formulate and respond to discussion questions
Objective 1.2:Develop group management abilities.
- Facilitate small group discussions without an assigned discussion leader.
- Use previously learned discussion skills (i.e. managing time, keeping on topic, checking for understanding, encouraging participation, & summarizing what others have said).

Goal 2: Comprehend, engage with, and respond to academic and journalistic texts.

Objective 2.1:Demonstrate understanding of current, authentic, written texts by engaging in related tasks and discussions.
Objective 2.2:Summarize the main points of written texts.
Objective 2.3:Develop and respond to meaningful discussion questions based on the texts.
Objective 2.4:Develop critical reading skills.

Goal 3: Use new and high frequency academic vocabulary to clearly express ideas.

Objective 3.1:Demonstrate understanding of topic-specific and general academic vocabulary.
Objective 3.2:Use new vocabulary in topic-focused communication activities and small-group discussions.

Goal 4: Demonstrate information literacy skills.

Objective 4.1:Research and self-select internet materials on a particular topic.
Objective 4.2:Develop an awareness of critically evaluating internet material.
Objective 4.3:Attribute information to its author or source.
Objective 4.4:Develop and present opinions based on selected internet materials.

Updated 2018.02.15