EC6 Seminar Goals & Objectives

EC6 Seminar Goals and Objectives 2014

Overall Course Aims

The primary aims of this course are to:

  • develop learners’ speaking and discussions skills
  • develop Internet research and critical evaluation skills
  • increase vocabulary knowledge
  • improve reading and listening comprehension
  • develop learner autonomy
  • build confidence to use English for oral communicative purposes


Goals and Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following.

Goal 1: Develop Speaking and Discussion Skills
Objective 1.1: Discuss specific topics in depth for an extended length of time
Objective 1.2: Practice and gain proficiency in using common functional language (i.e. qualifying level of opinion, speculating, referencing textual information or previously stated opinions, etc.)
Objective 1.3: Practice orally summarizing and reacting to a written text
Objective 1.4: Gain experience in responding to others’ opinions in small group discussions
Objective 1.5: Formulate and respond to discussion questions on a particular topic
Objective 1.6: Recycle discussion leadership skills used in previous seminar courses (encouraging participation, checking for understanding, etc.)


Goal 2: Develop Internet Research and Critical Evaluation Skills
Objective 2.1: Research and self-select Internet materials on a particular topic
Objective 2.2: Practice methods to search efficiently for articles on a particular topic
Objective 2.3: Build skills for critically evaluating Internet websites and resources


Goal 3: Build Vocabulary Knowledge
Objective 3.1: Deepen vocabulary knowledge of topic-specific and academic lexis through enhanced (bolded) receptive exposure in written texts
Objective 3.2: Use new vocabulary in topic-focused speaking activities and small group discussions


Goal 4: Improve Reading and Listening Comprehension
Objective 4.1: Be exposed to a variety of current, authentic, written text types (slightly adapted) used as the basis for discussions on a particular topic.
Objective 4.2: Show, at minimum, a general understanding of written texts through responses (written and oral) to comprehension and discussion questions
Objective 4.3: Develop critical reading skills (i.e., recognizing author bias, identifying slanted language, etc.)
Objective 4.4: Engage with written texts through careful text-marking and note-taking
Objective 4.5: Engage in communicative activities and discussions which implicitly require the practice of listening comprehension skills


Goal 5: Develop Learner Autonomy
Objective 5.1: Demonstrate the ability to work independently
Objective 5.2: Self-select materials to be used for in-class discussion activities
Objective 5.3: Reflect on and critically evaluate their own effort and performance
Objective 5.4: Set goals based on reflection of their effort and performance