EC6 Listening Goals & Objectives

EC6 Listening 2014 Course Description

EC6 Advanced Listening is the final listening course in the ELP curriculum. At the core of the course is a series of lectures designed to develop various listening skills necessary for comprehending and utilizing information in academic spoken-English content. Within each two-week unit: students are primed for each main lecture through reading, internet research and vocabulary activities; they engage the main lecture on multiple levels; finally, they participate in follow-up activities such as review and group discussions to bolster and expand their understanding of the lecture content.

Goals and Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following.

Goal 1: Develop Effective Academic Listening Strategies
Objective 1.1: Utilize existing knowledge base to facilitate comprehension of aural input
Objective 1.2: Utilize listening strategies according to lecture context (e.g., note-taking)
Objective 1.3: Identify hierarchical structure (main ideas, sub-topics and details) in aural input
Objective 1.4: Recognize and use organizational cues in academic discourse (e.g., transitions, signal words and rhetorical questions) to aid in comprehension
Objective 1.5: Utilize visual aids and textual material in the comprehension of aural input
Objective 1.6: Discern underlying meaning (inference, implication, fact vs. opinion)


Goal 2: Develop Skills for Effective Notetaking
Objective 2.1: Learn strategies for taking and organizing notes more effectively
Objective 2.2: Utilize notes in the completion of academic tasks (e.g., multiple choice tests, summaries, discussions, review questions)


Goal 3: Actively Engage with the Information Presented in Spoken Content
Objective 3.1: Identify unclear points in aural input (words, phrases, ideas) and engage the speaker to clarify such points
Objective 3.2: Utilize aural input and written notes to convey information and communicate with others
Objective 3.3: Engage in meaning-making during and after lectures (i.e., linking lecture material to broader Ideas/concepts)


Goal 4: Develop listening fluency and confidence through out-of-class listening


Goal 5: Expand Academic Vocabulary Knowledge Base