EC6 Advanced Listening Goals & Objectives

EC6 Advanced Listening is the final listening course in the ELP curriculum. At the core of the course is a series of lectures designed to develop various listening skills necessary for comprehending and utilizing information in academic spoken-English content. Each unit has two lessons and a unit theme. Students are first primed for each main lecture through reading, internet research and vocabulary activities. Next, students engage with the lectures by taking notes and answering questions. Lastly, students participate in follow-up activities such as review and group discussions to strengthen and expand their understanding of the lecture and reading content.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following:

Goal 1: : Develop effective academic listening strategies.

Objective 1.1:Use existing knowledge to facilitate comprehension of lectures.
Objective 1.2:Understand academic lectures by identifying main ideas, details, and conclusions.
Objective 1.3:Understand academic lectures by using effective strategies such as making predictions, recognizing spoken expressions, and engaging in critical listening (e.g. fact vs. opinion & evaluating what the speaker says).
Objective 1.4:Recognize and use organizational cues in academic lectures such as transitions, signal words, and rhetorical questions to aid in the comprehension and organization of lecture notes.

Goal 2: Develop skills for effective notetaking.

Objective 2.1:Learn strategies for taking and organizing lecture notes more effectively such as having a personal system of notetaking and using symbols and abbreviations.
Objective 2.2:Identify and distinguish main ideas from supporting details as well as comprehend the relationships between ideas.
Objective 2.3:Use lecture notes in the completion of academic tasks such as multiple choice questions, short-answer questions, summaries, discussions, and review questions.

Goal 3: Actively engage with the information presented in lectures and readings.

Objective 3.1:Engage with classmates and the teacher to clarify and construct meaning from lecture notes and readings.
Objective 3.2:Use lectures and lecture notes to convey important information about the lecture to others.
Objective 3.3:Use lecture notes and readings to share ideas and opinions about the topics and link lecture material to broader ideas and concepts.

Goal 4: Expand lexical and genre knowledge.

Objective 4.1:Broaden and deepen aural lexical knowledge through reading texts, listening texts, and vocabulary activities.
Objective 4.2:Recognize and use important vocabulary from lectures and reading texts.

Updated 2018.02.15