EC5 Presentation Goals and Objectives

EC5 Presentation (2014)

This course helps students to improve on the basic presentation skills that they learned in EC4 Presentation. In this course, students will learn how to give a problem solution presentation on a topic related to policy studies. Over the course of the semester students will work in small groups to give two presentations. The first of these is a poster presentation and the second is a more detailed presentation on the same topic supported by visual aids in the form of powerpoint slides. Students will be required to research their topic, present their ideas in the appropriate form and select and use visual to help make their presentations more effective. Students successfully completing this course should be able to:

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Demonstrate competency of delivery skills covered in EC4 Presentation.
Objective 1.1: Make appropriate use of eye contact and posture
Objective 1.2: Use body language effectively
Objective 1.3: Modulate and project voice
Objective 1.4: Produce quality visual aids which are readable, appropriate, and error-free
Objective 1.5: Setup for presentations quickly and efficiently. This includes demonstrating the ability to use basic presentation equipment including computers, and Power Point


Goal 2: Demonstrate effective presentation content and structure
Objective 2.1: Show understanding of the basic problem solution genre in a presentation format
Objective 2.2: Find, interpret, and incorporate data appropriate to the presentation topic and genre.
Objective 2.3: Organize the content effectively (this includes being able to write description of the problem, negative consequence, 2 causes, solution, benefits and possible drawbacks of the solution)
Objective 2.4: Divide the different parts of the problem solution presentation appropriately between team members.
Objective 2.5: Use organizational techniques such as statement of purpose and signposting to make the presentation more effective.
Objective 2.6: Use vocabulary appropriate to the topic and the situation


Goal 3: Demonstrate the ability to make an effective contribution to a group effort.


Goal 4: Effectively address questions or comments from the audience during or after the presentation.


Goal 5: Demonstrate ability to self-reflect and incorporate feedback as a form of improvement.