EC5 Writing Goals & Objectives

EC5 Writing 2014 Course Description

The goals and objectives given below represent the minimum standard that every student must achieve to pass the course. Students performing at the most basic level would be operating at a level commensurate to a grade of 60, while more able students should demonstrate abilities at a higher standard and level of achievement.

Goals and Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following.

Goal 1: Demonstrate the ability to write an essay in the problem-solution genre
Objective 1.1: Write descriptive paragraphs
Objective 1.2: Produce a range of supporting ideas in an organised manner
Objective 1.3: Display an understanding of the relationship between components of the essay genre (esp., problem causes, their possible solutions and the benefits and limitations of those solutions)


Goal 2: Demonstrate knowledge of essay components
Objective 2.1: Produce cohesive paragraphs employing structural elements introduced in prior course instruction (i.e., descriptive paragraph structure with supporting evidence and academic language choices)
Objective 2.2: Abide by global essay organization as displayed within a model


Goal 3: Develop further knowledge of the process approach to writing
Objective 3.1: Prepare to write essays with pre-writing reading, note-taking and planning.
Objective 3.2: Show skill in revising outlines and drafts using guided self-reflection
Objective 3.3: Show skill in revising outlines and drafts using teacher/LAC feedback


Goal 4: Use written sources to inform essay writing
Objective 4.1: Display basic comprehension of graded, topic-relevant texts
Objective 4.2: Respond accordingly to guided tasks based on course readings
Objective 4.3: Display paraphrasing/summarization skills by appropriately including outside source content within essay paragraphs


Goal 5: Abide by a standard citation style for academic writing
Objective 5.1: Cite sources appropriately within essay paragraphs
Objective 5.2: Demonstrate an ability to construct a reference-list
Objective 5.3: Attribute outside source information correctly


Goal 6: Improve on general academic writing skills
Objective 6.1: Demonstrate the ability to create a multi-component essay using various paragraph styles
Objective 6.2: Format essays according to model essay expectations