EC5 Writing Goals & Objectives

The goals and objectives given below represent the minimum standard that every student must achieve to pass the course. Students performing at the most basic level would be operating at a level commensurate to a grade of 60, while more able students should demonstrate abilities at a higher standard and level of achievement.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following:

Goal 1: To analyse and discuss academically social problems and propose possible solutions in an essay of this genre.

Objective 1.1: To define and classify a concept with some clarity.
Objective 1.2: To describe and discuss the size and seriousness of a problem.
Objective 1.3: To discuss a cause and negative effects of a problem.
Objective 1.4: To develop, describe and justify a possible policy-level solution, including details about implementation.

Goal 2: To utilise a process approach to writing to achieve improvements at each stage of the drafting process.

Objective 2.1: To use a prewriting technique before drafting.
Objective 2.2: To self and peer review drafts according to criteria aligned with classroom activities.
Objective 2.3: To incorporate peer and instructor feedback into successive drafts.
Objective 2.4: To produce a polished final draft.

Goal 3: To successfully integrate and attribute published ideas related to their written discussion.

Objective 3.1: To understand the reasons for attribution.
Objective 3.2: To paraphrase published ideas accurately and sufficiently.
Objective 3.3: To successfully integrate expert opinions and statistics into the writer’s own discussion.
Objective 3.4: To cite and reference according to APA conventions.
Objective 3.5: To refine awareness of plagiarism and means of avoiding it.

Goal 4: To further awareness of and capability with effective academic paragraphs.

Objective 4.1: To use topic sentences to state the topic and the controlling idea clearly.
Objective 4.2: To develop controlling ideas successfully through details, integrated research, and transitions.
Objective 4.3: To achieve stated goals of paragraphs.
Objective 4.4: To sequence essay paragraphs logically.

Goal 5: To further mastery over language common in academic writing of this genre.

Objective 5.1: To improve sentence mechanics.
Objective 5.2: To improve academic style.
Objective 5.3: To accurately describe actions in the simple present and in the imaginary future.
Objective 5.4: To develop further accuracy over subject-verb agreement and noun

Updated 2018.02.15