EC5 Seminar Goals & Objectives

Course Aims, Goals, and Objectives

Overall Course Aims
The primary aims of this course are to:
 develop learners’ speaking and discussion skills
 strengthen discussion leadership abilities
 develop Internet research skills
 increase vocabulary knowledge
 improve reading and listening comprehension
 develop learner autonomy
 build confidence to use English for oral communicative purposes

Course Goals and Objectives
This course is designed to provide opportunities for learners to:
Goal 1: Develop Speaking and Discussion Skills
Objective 1.1 Discuss specific topics for an extended length of time
Objective 1.2 Gain proficiency in using common functional language (i.e., asking for clarification, speculating, etc.)
Objective 1.3 Orally summarize and react to a written text
Objective 1.4 Gain experience in responding to others’ opinions in small group discussions
Objective 1.5 Formulate and respond to discussion questions on a particular topic

Goal 2: Strengthen Discussion Leadership Abilities
Objective 2.1 Provide communication support in a small group discussion (i.e.,
checking for understanding, encouraging participation, etc.)
Objective 2.2 Maintain smooth facilitation of a small group discussion (i.e., keeping the group on topic, asking thought-provoking discussion questions, etc.)
Objective 2.3 Pace the discussion
Objective 2.4 Keep the discussion in English

Goal 3: Develop Internet Research Skills
Objective 3.1 Research and self-select materials on a particular topic
Objective 3.2 Gain awareness of methods to search efficiently for articles on a particular
Objective 3.3 Build critical evaluation skills of Internet websites and resources

Goal 4: Build Vocabulary Knowledge
Objective 4.1 Deepen vocabulary knowledge of topic-specific and academic lexis through enhanced (bolded) receptive exposure in written texts
Objective 4.2 Use new vocabulary in topic-focused speaking activities and small group discussions

Goal 5: Improve Reading and Listening Comprehension
Objective 5.1 Use a variety of current, authentic, written text types (slightly adapted) as the basis for discussions on a particular topic.
Objective 5.2 Show, at minimum, a general understanding of written texts through responses (written and oral) to comprehension and discussion questions
Objective 5.3 Engage with written texts through careful text-marking and note-taking
Objective 5.4 Engage in communicative activities and discussions which implicitly require the practice of listening comprehension skills

Goal 6: Develop Learner Autonomy
Objective 6.1 Demonstrate the ability to work independently
Objective 6.2 Self-select materials to be used for in-class discussion activities
Objective 6.3 Reflect on and critically evaluate their own effort and performance
Objective 6.4 Set goals based on reflection of their effort and performance