EC4 Writing Goals & Objectives

EC4 Writing Course Description

EC4 Writing reviews the rhetorical components introduced in EC3 Writing. In addition, students will learn how to write a complete short essay, including an introduction and conclusion. Besides two 2-draft assignments, students will be required to complete two further writing tasks submitted to and graded via Turnitin. The main aim of these tasks is to review rhetorical components, and to give students opportunities to develop greater fluency.

Goals and Objectives

Students successfully completing this course will…

Goal 1: Be able to organise a simple essay.
Objective 1.1: Use rhetorical components introduced in EC3 Writing (ie. topic sentence, supporting ideas, concluding sentence, thesis statement).
Objective 1.2: Write a simple introduction and conclusion.


Goal 2: Be able to write coherent paragraphs .
Objective 2.1: Use the ‘two supporting ideas’ model introduced in EC3 Writing.
Objective 2.2: Use at least one alternative model (ie. a paragraph that develops one main idea).
Objective 2.3: Use a greater range of cohesive devices.


Goal 3: Learn how to write with greater clarity, range and accuracy.
Objective 3.1: Improve their written language by receiving detailed, individual feedback from their teacher.
Objective 3.2: Study and practise using topic-related vocabulary before and during writing tasks.


Goal 4: Write with greater fluency.
Objective 4.1: Complete writing tasks outside class.


Goal 5 : Develop a greater understanding of the writing process.
Objective 5.1: Apply and build on the planning techniques (e.g. paragraph maps) introduced in EC3 Writing.


Goal 6: Use, as appropriate, the Learning Assistance Centre.
Objective 6.1: Attend the LAC on their own initiative, or on the recommendation of their teacher.


Goal 7: Use a paraphrased outside source as support in a paragraph.
Objective 7.1: Understand why we use outside sources in writing.
Objective 7.2: Appropriately include an outside opinion in a paragraph.