EC4 Seminar Goals & Objectives

EC4 Seminar 2014 Course Description

Students entering this program may not have experienced seminar style discussions before so the prime aim is to ensure they have the linguistic skills and confidence on which to build, and to introduce them to the seminar style and format that will be used in the remaining seminar courses. The goals and objectives given below represent the minimum standard that every student must achieve to pass the course.

Goals and Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following:

Goal 1: Converse with a small group for a limited time (at least 10 minutes) on a familiar topic
Objective 1.1: Use basic functional language to
– check for understanding
– ask for clarification, or repetition
– give an opinion
– agree & disagree
Objective 1.2: Ask questions of other speakers to clarify or seek additional information (follow-up questions) – who, what, where, when, why, how, how much, what kind
Objective 1.3: Support an opinion orally using personal knowledge and experience
Objective 1.4: Maintain conversational flow by responding appropriately (on-topic) to others’ comments or questions
Objective 1.5: Use simple notes as speaking prompts unobtrusively
Objective 1.6: Participate actively both verbally and non-verbally by
– speaking an appropriate amount
– back-channeling
– making eye contact and listening
Objective 1.7: Make suitable and useful discussion questions


Goal 2: Recount and respond to a text
Objective 2.1: Take useful notes from texts
Objective 2.2: Orally recount the key points of a text
Objective 2.3: Orally attribute ideas and/or quotes to a text or author


Goal 3: Show development toward confidence and learner independence
Objective 3.1: Participate in structured and unstructured discussions on familiar topics with minimal preparation
Objective 3.2: Participate actively in class discussions by asking and responding to ques- tions


Goal 4: Undertake guided internet research
Objective 4.1: Use key words effectively to search for information in a structured task
Objective 4.2: Assess sites for reliability (with guidance)
Objective 4.3: Identify main ideas contained in a medium-length article