EC4 Seminar Goals & Objectives

Students entering this program may not have experienced seminar style discussions before so the prime aim is to ensure they have the linguistic skills and confidence on which to build, and to introduce them to the seminar style and format that will be used in the remaining seminar courses. The goals and objectives given below represent the minimum standard that every student must achieve to pass the course.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following:

Goal 1: Converse with a small group for a limited time (at least 8 minutes).

Objective 1.1:Acquire and use discussion skills.
- Start a discussion
- Answer with extra information
- Ask follow-up questions
- Ask for repetition
- Ask for a translation
- Ask for reasons
- Ask for examples
- Correct errors
- Evaluate ideas
- Introduce and change topics
- Agree and add an idea
- Disagree and explain why
Objective 1.2:Ask questions of others to initiate and manage basic academic discussion.
- How…?
- What are the main causes of X?
- What do you think about [the idea that]…?
- What do you know about…?
- Why should/shouldn’t X [verb] Y?
- What are the main arguments for/against X?
Objective 1.3:Identify, describe, and discuss claims, methods, causes, evaluations, facts, and arguments.
Objective 1.4:Evaluate selves’ and peers’ application of discussion skills in pair and group discussions.

Goal 2: Comprehend, recount and respond to a simple academic text.

Objective 2.1:Identify and comprehend main ideas, supporting ideas and details.
Objective 2.2:Use outlines to recall and organise ideas from a text.
Objective 2.3:Develop a better understanding of academic writing.

Goal 3: Use new and varied vocabulary to clearly express ideas.

Objective 3.1:Use new, topic-related vocabulary successfully in group discussions for which students have prepared.
Objective 3.2:Demonstrate progress towards a more objective understanding of universally intelligible pronunciation, especially syllable stress.
Objective 3.3:Develop greater awareness and knowledge of word families and parts of speech.

Goal 4: Demonstrate progress toward information literacy.

Objective 4.1:Develop an understanding of authorship, publisher, and currency of online information.
Objective 4.2:Perform a basic Internet search strategy to fulfill an information need.
Objective 4.3:Attribute information to its source/author.

Updated 2018.02.15