EC4 Presentation Goals & Objectives

EC4 Presentation 2014 Course Description

This course introduces students to basic presentation skills. During the first part of the class students will learn how to give a simple speech on a non-academic topic. This presentation will focus on the basic presentation skills such as voice projection and the use of gestures. Students will also learn how to structure a presentation in order to gain and hold the audience’s interest. In the second part of the course, students will begin to present on a simple academic topic. This will involve them using the skills learned in the first part of the course but will also include learning how to select and use visual to help make their presentations more effective. At the end of the course students will be asked to use these skills to give an individual presentation on a simple academic topic in the form of a group powerpoint presentation. Students successfully completing this course should be able to:

Goals and Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following.

Goal 1: Demonstrate improvement of verbal delivery skills.
Objective 1.1: Use effective voice projection.
Objective 1.2: Demonstrate control of voice by use of stress, pausing, intonation, volume and silence.


Goal 2: Demonstrate improvement of non-verbal delivery skills.
Objective 2.1: Use positive body language (including eye contact, posture).
Objective 2.2: Use gestures effectively.


Goal 3: Demonstrate effective presentation content and structure.
Objective 3.1: Choose a topic that is appropriate for the presentation.
Objective 3.2: Select content appropriate to the presentation topic and genre.
Objective 3.3: Organize the content effectively (this includes being able to write a presentation that includes an introduction, body and conclusion).
Objective 3.4: Use organizational techniques such as statement of purpose and signposting to make the presentation more effective.


Goal 4: Use appropriate visuals to help connect with the audience.
Objective 4.1: Identify appropriate visuals aids for the presentation topic and content.
Objective 4.2: Integrate appropriate visuals effectively into a presentation.
Objective 4.3: Create effective graphical representations of statistical data that are readable, appropriate and error free.
Objective 4.4: Use Introduce, Explain, and Emphasize technique to explain visuals and statistical data