EC3 Writing Goals & Objectives

EC3 Writing Course Description

This course introduces students to basic academic writing. Students will learn how to write simple reason-giving paragraphs and a simple thesis statement. Writing will be treated as a process with opportunities for students to edit and revise their work with the help of their classmates and teacher. At the end of the course there will be an in-class test to help students review their learning and to check their progress. In addition, students will have opportunities to write more extensively by completing a number of writing tasks.

Goals and Objectives

Students successfully completing this course will …

Goal 1: Write reason-giving paragraphs
Objective 1.1: Read and analyse examples of reason-giving paragraphs
Objective 1.2: Be able to identify basic structural elements of paragraphs
Objective 1.3: Be able to write simple, compound, complex, & compound-complex sentences
Objective 1.4: Understand how to create effective and interesting paragraphs using details (examples, explanations and personal experiences) as support


Goal 2: Understand that writing is a process
Objective 2.1: Gain an awareness of different stages in the process of writing – planning (including listing, mind-mapping and outlining), drafting, writing, proof-reading, reviewing and revising
Objective 2.2: Be able to use these stages as part of their own writing process
Objective 2.3: Utilise the LAC to complete a task and / or draft


Goal 3: Learn how to write with greater clarity and accuracy
Objective 3.1: Be able to improve their written language by receiving feedback individually and in plenary from their teacher
Objective 3.2: Be able to practise their written language by completing language exercises, semi-controlled and fluency-writing activities


Goal 4: Write using appropriate formatting conventions
Objective 4.1: Type / word-process their papers
Objective 4.2: Use appropriate margins, indentation, and double-spacing


Goal 5: Write paragraphs in class under test conditions