EC3 Seminar Goals & Objectives

EC3 Seminar Course Description

This course activates and reinforces students existing speaking ability before inculcating students to basic academic discussion. Students internalize a range of high-frequency questions used in simple conversations as well as forms of questions that can be applied to an academic investigation of a topic with which they are familiar. Discussion skills, vocabulary and grammar are acquired as students move from conversations with a partner to a discussion in a small group. 3 topics are introduced via articles which model academic rhetoric, provide topic-specific information, and contextualise language targets. Students are assessed on their comprehension of ideas and language in articles, their capacity to discuss topics skillfully, and their use of article content to inform and support opinions.

Goals and Objectives

Students successfully completing this course will …

Goal 1: Converse with a partner and a small group for a limited time (at least 8 minutes)
Objective 1.1: Use basic functional language to
– start a discussion
– summarise a complicated idea
– ask for definition, explanation, clarification, or repetition
– give an opinion, agree/disagree with an opinion
– attribute an idea to its author
– politely request something from a teacher
– listen actively
Objective 1.2: Ask questions of others to initiate and maintain basic academic discussion
– What do you think about X?
– What are the main differences between X and Y?
– What are the main benefits of X?
– What are the main problems with X?
– What is the main purpose of X?
Objective 1.3: Support an opinion orally using personal knowledge and information from a text
Objective 1.4: Maintain conversational flow by responding appropriately (on-topic) with comments and questions.


Goal 2: Recount and respond to an academic text
Objective 2.1: Identify main ideas and details in a simple academic text
Objective 2.2: Deconstruct simple academic texts using an outlining technique
Objective 2.3: Orally recount the key points of a text using outlines as prompts
Objective 2.4: Form and express opinions from textual input


Goal 3: Use new and varied linguistic items to clearly express ideas
Objective 3.1: Use new, topic-related vocabulary and grammar successfully in a group discussion for which they have prepared
Objective 3.2: Use circumlocution strategies to explain unfamiliar vocabulary to others