EC3 Reading Goals & Objectives

EC3 Reading: Course Description

EC3 Reading is an integrated extensive and intensive reading course. Students engage in self-selection of graded readers and respond to readings by writing book logs (submitted to and graded on Turnitin) and taking on-line quizzes using MReader. The website/smartphone application Word Engine is used to provide students with level-appropriate outside-of-class vocabulary activities. In-class time is spent focusing on intensive reading texts and tasks designed to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary development. Eight units comprise the intensive reading component, with each lesson containing a primary reading of a country profile followed by a set of secondary newspaper readings on a range of topics. The intensive reading component is built around the idea that students should read text several times and for different purposes. Tasks are designed to develop the following reading skills: prediction, inference, comprehension, as well as identifying main ideas, sentence functions and pronoun usage.

Course Goals and Objectives

Students participating in this course will…

Goal 1: Develop reading sub-skills and strategies
Objective 1.1: Develop basic pre-reading strategies
Objective 1.2: Develop the ability to identify the main idea of a text
Objective 1.3: Develop the ability to make inferences from a text


Goal 2: Develop reading confidence, fluency and speed
Objective 2.1: Increase reading speed through reading graded texts (graded readers, country profiles and news stories)
Objective 2.2: Increase confidence through extensive exposure to graded, self-selected texts
Objective 2.3: Develop a positive attitude toward reading in English through self-selection of level-appropriate texts


Goal 3: Expand lexical knowledge
Objective 3.1: Broaden and deepen lexical knowledge through free reading and intensive reading activities
Objective 3.2: Increase lexical knowledge through the use of Word Engine as a vocabulary-learning tool


Goal 4: Develop Learner Autonomy
Objective 4.1: Demonstrate the ability to work independently in the vocabulary building and free reading components of the course
Objective 4.2: Develop the ability to set goals and reflect on goal achievement in relation to learning in the free reading component of the course