EC2 Language for Writing Goals & Objectives

The aim of EC2 Language for Writing is to provide students with an introduction to academic writing and—along with EC1 Language for Writing—prepare them for EC3/EC4 Writing. This will be done in three ways. First, the course will equip students with a communicative command of essential grammar points with a focus on cohesive devices. Second, it will introduce students to basic paragraph structure of the reason-giving genre. Third, it will develop students’ general writing ability through frequent writing practice, both in-class and for homework. All of these underline an important characteristic of the course: to have students regularly engaged in elements related to writing. Ultimately, it is hoped that students not only gain a foundation in English for writing (in conjunction with other skills), but also develop their interest and confidence in the writing experience within an EAP framework.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following:

Goal 1: Demonstrate improved accuracy in basic usage of high-frequency grammatical items.

Objective 1.1: Students will use basic conjunctions with greater accuracy.
Objective 1.2: Students will use conditionals in writing with greater accuracy.
Objective 1.3: Students will have greater accuracy with subject-verb agreement.

Goal 2: Demonstrate a better understanding of how to write an academic paragraph.

Objective 2.1: Students will continue to develop an awareness of the basic components of paragraph structure (topic sentence, supporting ideas, concluding sentence).
Objective 2.2: Students will be able to apply their acquired knowledge of high-frequency grammatical items to write a paragraph with improved cohesion and depth on a given topic.
Objective 2.3: SStudents will refine their ability to write a paragraph of the reason-giving genre.
Objective 2.4: Students will be able to revise a draft based on feedback from their teacher and a task associated with the Learning Assistance Center.
Objective 2.5: Students will be able to follow basic formatting conventions when producing drafts.
Objective 2.6: Students will be able to provide and respond to feedback from peers.
Objective 2.7: Students will have frequent in-class opportunities to practice free writing.
Objective 2.8: Students will learn to correctly spell commonly misspelled words.

Goal 3: Demonstrate the ability to communicate with teachers in written and verbal form.

Objective 3.1: Students will refine their ability to write and format a basic email message.
Objective 3.2: Students will continue to use certain practical expressions (‘Classroom English’) learned in EC1 Language for Writing for communicating with teachers.

Updated 2018.02.15