EC2 Language for Writing Goals & Objectives

EC2 Language for Writing 2014 Course Description

The primary aim of this course is to equip students with the fundamental skills they will require in EC3 & 4 Writing. With this in mind, students will concentrate on improving in common problem areas at a sentence level, and on problems with cohesion at the level of paragraph writing. As such, most of the students’ writing will be in the form of short texts or short paragraphs. In addition, students will also develop their general writing ability through frequent free writing activities.

Goals and Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following.

Goal 1: Demonstrate improved accuracy of high-frequency grammatical items.
Objective 1.1: Students will use capital letters in writing with greater accuracy.
Objective 1.2: Students will use articles in writing with greater accuracy.
Objective 1.3: Students will use subject/verb agreement in writing with greater accuracy.
Objective 1.4: Students will use basic conjunctions with greater accuracy.
Objective 1.5: Students will use verb patterns in writing with greater accuracy.


Goal 2: Demonstrate a better understanding of how to write paragraphs.
Objective 2.1: Students will understand the basic components of paragraph structure (topic sentence, supporting ideas, concluding sentence).
Objective 2.2: Students will learn to write a paragraph with improved cohesion and depth on a given topic.
Objective 2.3: Students will refine their ability to write a paragraph of the reason-giving genre.


Goal 3: Demonstrate an improvement in writing fluency.
Objective 3.1: Students will have frequent in-class opportunities to practice writing.
Objective 3.2: Students will learn to corrrectly spell commonly misspelled words.


Goal 4: Demonstrate the ability to communicate with teachers in verbal and written form.
Objective 4.1: Students will learn how to write and format a basic e-mail message.
Objective 4.2: Students will learn some basic classroom English.