EC1 Language for Writing Goals & Objectives

EC1 Language for Writing Course Description

This course aims to give students a foundation in basic writing through four integrated components. First, regular in-class free writing develops students’ writing fluency. Second, a grammar-focus broadens their knowledge of language at the word and sentence level. A third component targets common errors and equips students with the vocabulary for improving their overall accuracy. Finally, an introduction to paragraph structure provides the means for students to express their own ideas and support them.

Goals and Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following.

Goal 1: Demonstrate a greater knowledge of language for the purpose of writing.
1.1: Students will gain an introductory understanding of word classes.
1.2: Students will gain an introductory understanding of sentence elements.


Goal 2: Demonstrate improved accuracy in basic usage of high-frequency language items.
2.1: Students will use subject verb agreement with greater accuracy.
2.2: Students will use determiners, such as articles, with greater accuracy.
2.3: Students will use capital letters with greater accuracy.
2.4: Students will use basic punctuation with greater accuracy.
2.5: Students will use the auxiliary verbs can and should with greater accuracy.
2.6: Students will be able to construct basic There are sentences.
2.7: Students will become aware of some common errors and will have acquired a range of vocabulary and phrases to avoid them.


Goal 3: Demonstrate the ability to express themselves in written form.
3.1: Students will develop the ability to write on a given topic.
3.2: Students will learn basic formatting requirements for submitting written work.
3.3: Students will gain an understanding of basic cohesion, using conjunctions (and, so, but) and subject/object pronouns.
3.4: Students will be able to write a basic paragraph of the reason-giving genre.


Goal 4: Demonstrate the ability to communicate with teachers in written and verbal form.
4.1: Students will learn how to write and format a basic e-mail message addressed to teacher.
4.2: Students will learn some basic Classroom English.
4.3: Students will learn some basic feedback symbols for understanding their written mistakes.