EC1 Language for Writing Goals & Objectives

The aim of EC1 Language for Writing is to provide students with an introduction to academic writing and—along with EC2 Language for Writing—prepare them for EC3/EC4 Writing. This will be done in three ways. First, the course will equip students with a communicative command of essential grammar points with a focus on cohesive devices. Second, it will introduce students to basic paragraph structure of the reason-giving genre. Third, it will develop students’ general writing ability through frequent writing practice, both in-class and for homework. All of these underline an important characteristic of the course: to have students regularly engaged in elements related to writing. Ultimately, it is hoped that students not only gain a foundation in English for writing (in conjunction with other skills), but also develop their interest and confidence in the writing experience within an EAP framework.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following:

Goal 1: Demonstrate improved accuracy in basic usage of high-frequency language items.

Objective 1.1:Students will be able to identify and correct common grammatical errors: subject-verb agreement, word forms, verb forms, and countable and uncountable nouns.
Objective 1.2:Students will be able to define and use high frequency vocabulary (from the AWL sub-lists 1-10) that are common to academic writing.
Objective 1.3:Students will use capital letters with greater accuracy.
Objective 1.4:Students will use subject-verb agreement with greater accuracy.
Objective 1.5:Students will use singular and plural nouns with greater accuracy.

Goal 2: Demonstrate the ability to express themselves in written form.

Objective 2.1:Students will use the writing process, including planning, incorporating feedback, and proofreading.
Objective 2.2:Students will write reason-giving three-supporting idea paragraphs over 180 words in length.
Objective 2.3:Students will develop their writing fluency through frequent free writing.
Objective 2.4:Students will use basic paragraph structure, such as the topic sentences, supporting ideas, and concluding sentences.
Objective 2.5:Students will develop an understanding of academic voice: personal pronoun usage and contractions.
Objective 2.6:Students will learn the basic formatting requirements and the use of spellcheck for submitting written work.
Objective 2.7:Students will increase their use of basic cohesive devices, including conjunctions and subject/object pronouns.
Objective 2.8:Students will learn one method of developing support: reason-example-result.

Goal 3: Demonstrate the ability to communicate with teachers in written and verbal form.

Objective 3.1:Students will learn a range of feedback symbols for understanding their written mistakes.
Objective 3.2:Students will learn some basic classroom English.
Objective 3.3:Students will learn how to write and format a basic email message addressed to a teacher.

Updated 2018.02.15