EC1 Speaking Goals & Objectives

EC1 Speaking Course Description 2014

EC1 Speaking is designed to help students speak with greater accuracy and complexity in the use of a number of basic lexical items. Students will have opportunities to study and practice these items with support from their L1 before being required to use them in a number of communicative tasks. Students will also repeat these tasks at intervals over the semester to develop greater fluency. In addition to these tasks, students will carry out shorter speaking activities that focus on 1) conversation development and 2) practical English. The former will provide students with opportunities to practice a series of key questions and responses that can be used to develop conversations. The latter focuses on a small number of essential functional items that will be useful for students when communicating with teachers and in many situations outside the program.

Goals & Objectives:

Students successfully completing this course will …

Goal 1: Gain greater control of a number of high-frequency language items.
Objective 1.1: Use specific language items with accuracy by planning and using these items in a series of carefully sequenced tasks.
Objective 1.2: Become more fluent in the use of these items, and other incidental forms, through the repetition of the whole or parts of these tasks.


Goal 2: Develop their ability to participate in conversations.
Objective 2.1: Be able to use a number of high-frequency generic questions to maintain and develop a conversation.
Objective 2.2: Be able to respond to another’s students utterances by using a small repertoire of follow-up questions and responses.


Goal 3: Develop their ability to use a number of key functional exponents with confidence and accuracy.
Objective 3.1: Understand the meaning and use of a number of important functional exponents through studying appropriate L1 translations / counterparts.
Objective 3.2: Be able to produce the exponents accurately through learning dialogues by heart.
Objective 3.3: Recognise the value of learning by heart as a way to become more accurate, fluent and confident.