EC1 Reading Goals & Objectives

EC1 Reading is designed to develop students’ confidence, fluency, and interest in reading in English. Students will read many graded readers, 6 of which are prescribed for the class and the rest will be self-selected. For each book, students will engage in a combination of textual analysis and reflective/responsive activities to assist students in returning to the texts in thoughtful ways. Also, students will be introduced to Intensive Reading of graded texts from which reading skills and vocabulary will be taken and studied in class.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to do the following:

Goal 1: Use selected intensive reading sub-skills and strategies to improve reading speed, and comprehension of articles.

Objective 1.1: Develop a selection of pre-reading strategies to improve the likelihood of comprehension.
Objective 1.2: Develop key reading sub-skills such as a) skimming, b) scanning, c) identifying the main ideas of texts or paragraphs, and d) guessing vocabulary from context.
Objective 1.3: Apply targeted skills and strategies to interact in communicative post-reading tasks.

Goal 2: Develop reading confidence, fluency, speed and a positive attitude towards reading.

Objective 2.1: Read 6 graded readers prescribed by the course and 40,000 words or more of self-selected graded readers at Levels 1-2.
Objective 2.2: Read in English with increased confidence and fluency through exposure to many graded readers and level-appropriate texts.
Objective 2.3: Develop a positive attitude to reading in English through sharing the content of graded readers and completion of related reflective and response tasks.
Objective 2.4: Read in English with increased speed and fluency through the use of timed reading of graded texts and speed reading progress charts.

Goal 3: Expand lexical knowledge.

Objective 3.1: Develop explicit lexical knowledge through intensive reading and implicit lexical knowledge through extensive reading.
Objective 3.2: Develop receptive vocabulary of items in articles through focused class activities and review.

Updated 2018.02.15