EC1 Listening Goals & Objectives

EC1 Listening Course Description 2014

The main aim of this course is to use listening texts to help students improve their listening skills and language competence. The emphasis will be on developing understanding of short texts containing features of authentic native-speaker speech, and developing knowledge and control of high-frequency language items, using listening texts as support. The course also aims to build engagement and confidence in listening through the use of recordings of graded readers.

Goals & Objectives:

Students successfully completing this course will …

Goal 1: Develop better comprehension of (largely controlled) spoken English
Objective 1.1: Use lexical and / or grammatical knowledge developed through pre-listening & post-listening exercises to support listening comprehension
Objective 1.2: Develop better and more consistent sound-word matches through repeated listening
Objective 1.3: Listen to an appropriately simple and accessible ‘genre’ (interviews) to help 1.1 & 1.2


Goal 2: Develop language competence – ‘listening to learn’
Objective 2.1: Use listening texts as sources for language input through listening to short, controlled texts containing high-frequency language items (BNC top 1000 words)


Goal 3: Develop listening confidence
Objective 3.1: Develop confidence through listening to extensive graded input (from recordings of graded readers)


Goal 4: Develop the ability identify difficult sounds, words and phrases to support listening comprehension
Objective 4.1: Develop a greater awareness of features of the speech stream (weak sounds, linking, elision)