The Learning Assistance Center

​The School of Policy Studies' Learning Assistance Center (LAC) is a place on campus where students can get help with their English writing.  The Learning Assistants (LAs) are third and fourth year students who were successful in the English Communication (EC) program.  The LAs can help students understand their teacher's feedback or talk through their ideas.  The LAC can also help students understand their assignments better or answer questions students have about writing in English.

  • Learning Assistance Centerとは? 神戸三田キャンパスの教室内に設置され、Writingスキルをアップしたいと考えている学生さんのサポートをする場所です。
  • How can the LA help me improve my paper? This page talks about the job of the Learning Assistant and how to get the most out of your session.
  • Formatting your EC paper. Did you lose points for formatting problems? Want to make sure your formatting is perfect? Click here to watch the formatting video.

To book an appointment with the LAC click on the image below or go the URL